The Paralegal Cup is the only mooting competition in the world that is exclusive to Paralegal students enrolled in a Certificate or Diploma program. The competition strengthens student advocacy and critical thinking skills by focusing on oral and written advocacy, professionalism, and resiliency.

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Paralegal Cup 2015 News Archive

Paralegal Cup Intercollegiate Mooting Competition

Paralegal students compete in annual moot competition

Top-tiered paralegal students from across Ontario provided "impressive" arguments as they competed in the recent Third Annual Paralegal Cup Intercollegiate Mooting competition, says Toronto paralegal and Bencher Marian Lippa.

Hosted by the Humber College Lakeshore Campus, the Nov. 21-22 paralegals’ moot saw students argue a case that is currently before the Supreme Court of Canada. They were required to submit a legal memo and to appear four times, either for the appellant, the Crown, or the respondent, Kenneth Gavin Williamson.

Marian Lippa
"The calibre of these students' knowledge base is top-notch. Both sides were very compelling in their arguments. These students are impressive — in part, a testament to the quality of education they are receiving."Marian Lippa Paralegal, LSUC Bencher - Paralegal Standing Committee

Seneca College wins third-annual Paralegal Cup

For the second year in a row, paralegal students from Seneca College have won the Paralegal Cup. Congratulations to Kathryn Brklacich and Gavin Phillips.

The intercollegiate mooting competition took place November 21 and 22 at Humber College, attracting a record 16 teams from Algonquin Careers Academy, Canadian Business College, Centennial College, Humber College, Mohawk College and Seneca College.

Michelle Haigh
"We have seen the top students from around the province who have thoroughly impressed the paralegal and academic communities alike."Michelle Haigh Paralegal, LSUC Bencher - Paralegal Standing Committee Chair

Established in 2013, the Paralegal Cup is the only extracurricular academic event in Ontario that gives paralegal students an opportunity to compete in the art of oral advocacy.

It is open to all students enrolled in a paralegal diploma or certificate program recognized by the Law Society of Upper Canada, and serves as an invaluable opportunity for students to connect with mentors, industry leaders and future colleagues. ...

Even Pedophiles Have Charter Rights

The true test of a society is how we treat the most vulnerable, despicable, and heinous members of our society. The ability of the legal system to temper passions, quell inflammatory biases, and dispense justice to all individuals is the reason why the justice system is valued and respected by society at large.

R. v. Williamson, an interesting case awaiting a hearing before the Supreme Court, helps illustrate these tensions. The case was debated this year at the 2015 Paralegal Cup. ...

All Seneca College Finals at the 2015 Paralegal Cup!

Congrats to Kathyrn Brklacich and Gavin Phillips, 2015 Paralegal Cup champions! In a riveting all Seneca final, school pride was intense factor. The rival Senca team of Jenous Lorestani and Cathy Tang squared off in the finals, representing the Respondent Kenneth Williamson.Not only did Seneca dominate the finals, they also claimed all but one of the Distinguished Oral Advocate Awards.

Humber hosts third annual Paralegal Cup

It may be getting chilly outside, but Humber students are ready to engage in heated legal arguments during the third annual Paralegal Cup, which will be held on November 21 and 22, 2015 at Humber’s Lakeshore Campus.

Hosted by Humber College, the Paralegal Cup is open to students in paralegal diploma and certificate programs at colleges across the province, and is the only intercollegiate mooting competition exclusive to paralegal students in Ontario. Mooting, a popular form of mock legal presentation at law schools, involves two-student teams identifying and addressing legal issues in a selected case. Drawing on their advocacy, legal research and legal writing skills, teams present ten-minute oral submissions before a panel of judges.

Madeline Williams
"The competition strengthens student advocacy and critical thinking skills by focusing on oral and written advocacy, professionalism, and resiliency. It gives students an opportunity to refine and showcase their advocacy skills on a very complex piece of law, while interacting with senior mentors from the legal community. The event serves to be an invaluable opportunity for students to connect with mentors, industry leaders, and future colleagues."Madeline Williams Paralegal Cup Coordinator and paralegal degree student

This competition began in 2013 when Fallon Burns, a former Humber paralegal degree student, teamed up with her classmates Karen Fair and Doug Taylor to create a skills competition for paralegals. The Paralegal Cup opened the door for students to participate in mooting. Prior to its inception, these competitions were exclusive to undergraduate and law students, with Humber’s paralegal degree students the only exception.

Michelle Haigh
"What excites me the most about the Paralegal Cup is the calibre of students coming though this event – they are professional and completely prepared. You can tell how much work they have put into the event. The student competitors are starting their career before they are even licensed. The other paralegals and myself … are excited where this profession is headed, and to see where events like this are going to take us."Michelle Haigh Paralegal, LSUC Bencher - Paralegal Standing Committee Chair

2015 Paralegal Cup Moot Case Released

The 2015 Paralegal Cup Moot case is released, a modified version of the Ontario Court of Appeal case, R v Williamson , 2014 ONCA 598.

2015 Paralegal Cup Crowdfunding Campaign and
Community Partner Program - NOW OPEN!

2015 Crowdfunding Campaign and Community Partner Program - NOW OPEN!

Here is your opportunity for you to demonstrate your commitment to the paralegal profession. Your contribution to our non-profit event, gives you a unique opportunity to encourage extra-curricular academic skill development and support experiential paralegal education in Ontario.

Community Donors are important supporters of the mission and goals of the Paralegal Cup. Contributions help support and offset the administrative costs of organizing a large-scale event. Such costs include food for students and judges, awards for the student competitors, printing, marketing, prizes and general facilities overhead costs.

At its heart, the Paralegal Cup is about students. Students are the future of the paralegal profession. The students who participate in the competition become stronger and more confident advocates. As they graduate into the profession, they are better prepared to deliver Ontarians increased access to justice.


2015 Paralegal Cup Crowdfunding Campaign and
Team Registration - NOW OPEN!

2015 Paralegal Cup Team registration is now OPEN!

Invitations to the 2015 Paralegal Cup have been sent to all Ontario College Program Coordinators.

The case and all other relevant documents will be released to all registered teams shortly.

NEW FOR 2015 Registration is also open to independent student teams!

If this appeals to you, please CONTACT US for further assistance.

Team registration is due no later than October 19, 2015

Registration fee payment is due no later than November 10, 2015

Humber College enlists a Paralegal Cup Coordinator

The Paralegal Cup

Continuing in their tradition of supporting student lead initiatives, Humber College has engaged Madeline Williams as a part-time Coordinator for the Paralegal Cup.

Earlier this summer Humber College instituted a student work-study position to coordinate the Paralegal Cup. We are proud to welcome Madeline Williams to the Paralegal Cup Steering Committee. Madeline is a third year student in Humber College’s Paralegal Degree Program.

Please join us in welcoming Madeline to the Paralegal Cup Intercollegiate Mooting Competition.

Madeline Williams
Madeline Williams
Paralegal Degree Student, Paralegal Cup Coordinator, Committee Member
"My desire for justice and helping people has lead me to the Paralegal profession. I am honoured and excited to be on the Steering Committee for 2015’s Paralegal Cup. I am thrilled to be this year’s Cup Coordinator joining an amazing team filled with positive and talented individuals."

Madeline is very passionate about social justice, gender equality and sustainable living. You can often catch her letting people know that their trash can in fact go in the compost bin!

"I enjoy volunteering at Humber as well as in my community with women and families in need, building meaningful and lasting relationships."

Paralegal Cup Founder and Ontario Paralegal Association Student Director Wins National Student Award

In true Fallon Burns style, during her swansong year of the Paralegal Studies Degree program at Humber College, Fallon is awarded the Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) bronze Student Leadership Excellence Award.

2015 Paralegal Cup Competition Date Announced

We are pleased to announce the dates for the 2015 Paralegal Cup.

Humber College will once again host the competition on November 21 and 22, 2015.

School registration will open in September 2015 and will be extended to include any school offering an accredited Paralegal program recognized by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Stay tuned for more details.

NEW FOR 2015 Registration is also open to independent student teams!

If this appeals to you, please CONTACT US for further assistance.

Annual mooting competition attracts record crowd

More than 180 undergraduate students squared off last weekend at an annual debating competition designed to hone the skills of prospective legal service professionals.

This year’s Osgoode Cup National Undergraduate Mooting Competition included participation from a number of strong paralegal candidate competitors, including second place finishers, Seneca College students Clifton Yiu and Christopher Gould.

Cathy Corsetti
"The energy, savvy and wit evident among these students gives me ever more confidence in the future of Ontario’s legal profession. Congratulations to those who participated. May this be one of many rewarding debate experiences you have throughout your education and your career."Cathy Corsetti Paralegal, LSUC Bencher - Paralegal Standing Committee

THANK YOU to all our 2016 participants for your generosity.

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Since the beginning of the Paralegal Cup in 2013, the paralegal community has shown overwhelming support for the event’s continued success. The Cup is truly an event that brings together the entire paralegal community, students, and professionals alike.

Community Partner Program participants are important supporters of the mission and goals of the Paralegal Cup. Contributions help support and offset the administrative costs of putting on a large-scale event.

Involvement as a Paralegal Cup Community Partner is an incredible opportunity to support experiential higher education through student participation. Moreover, participation in the program speaks to the desire to give back to the community and enhance the competition’s success.

It is through the support of our Community Partner Program participants that the Paralegal Cup Moot is able to bring this academic event to paralegal students across the province.