The Paralegal Cup is the only mooting competition in the world that is exclusive to Paralegal students enrolled in a Certificate or Diploma program. The competition strengthens student advocacy and critical thinking skills by focusing on oral and written advocacy, professionalism, and resiliency.

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Canadian Business College Earns Top Standing in First Annual PSO Student Moot Competition

TORONTO, Nov. 26, 2013 /CNW/ - Canadian Business College, one of Ontario's premier private career colleges, is pleased to announce they have won the Paralegal Society of Ontario's (PSO) First Annual Student Moot Competition. Four students from Canadian Business College's Paralegal Program competed against their peers from top public colleges in Ontario and captured the 1st place team award. The competition was held on November 23rd and 24th at Humber College's Lakeshore campus in Toronto. ...

First Moot Competition for Paralegals Students

Paralegals serve an important function in our judicial system, providing cost-effective and professional services for simple and routine matters in litigation. Yet even these matters require a significant amount of advocacy, as paralegals in Ontario conduct complete trials and hearings in small claims court or administrative tribunals. ...

Omar Ha-Redeye
Moot competitions have long been the mainstay of developing advocacy skills for law students, and competitions for paralegal students to help enhance their skills is an important step in ensuring competency.
These competitions will go further in ensuring that the public interest is protected by providing valuable skills before licensing, and allow students a taste of what courtroom advocacy can feel like.Omar Ha-Redeye Lawyer, Paralegal Cup Moot Coach

First Annual PSO Student Moot Competition

The Paralegal Society of Ontario (PSO) hosted the 1st Annual PSO Intercollegiate Mooting Competition on Nov. 23-24 at Humber College – Lakeshore.The case focused on Bedford v. Canada. ...

Humber hosts first-ever paralegal mooting competition

Up until now, mooting – a type of model legal debate, designed to give undergrads experience arguing legal issues – has largely been the territory of law students. ...

Sure, Humber paralegal students have competed – and done well – in major mooting competitions in the past, winning individual oralist awards as well as placing in the “Elite Eight” over the years. Humber has consistently been the only college participating in national competitions such as The Capital Cup, hosted by Carleton University and the Osgoode Cup, hosted by York. ...

Fallon Burns
This is an opportunity to move the profession forward, and to give students a sense of what advocating in front of a judge feels like. Mooting teaches valuable lessons in thinking on your feet, analyzing an issue and dealing with incredible stress, and it’s an unforgettable experience for students.
The event is making history. How often do you get to be the first to do something?Fallon Burns Paralegal, LSUC Equity Advisory Group (EAG) Member, Student, Paralegal Cup founder, Paralegal Cup Steering Committee, Student

THANK YOU to all our 2016 participants for your generosity.

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Since the beginning of the Paralegal Cup in 2013, the paralegal community has shown overwhelming support for the event’s continued success. The Cup is truly an event that brings together the entire paralegal community, students, and professionals alike.

Community Partner Program participants are important supporters of the mission and goals of the Paralegal Cup. Contributions help support and offset the administrative costs of putting on a large-scale event.

Involvement as a Paralegal Cup Community Partner is an incredible opportunity to support experiential higher education through student participation. Moreover, participation in the program speaks to the desire to give back to the community and enhance the competition’s success.

It is through the support of our Community Partner Program participants that the Paralegal Cup Moot is able to bring this academic event to paralegal students across the province.