The Paralegal Cup is the only mooting competition in the world that is exclusive to Paralegal students enrolled in a Certificate or Diploma program. The competition strengthens student advocacy and critical thinking skills by focusing on oral and written advocacy, professionalism, and resiliency.

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Welcome to the Paralegal Cup
2013 Formal Dinner

This section of our website is designed to provide information about the evening Formal Dinner that follows the first day of competition rounds.
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2013 Paralegal Cup Formal Dinner

Paralegal Cup Intercollegiate Mooting Competition

The Paralegal Cup About the Formal Dinner

The 2013 Paralegal Cup Logo

The first day consists of four mooting rounds followed by the highly anticipated evening dinner. The dinner serves to celebrate the students’ achievements from the day’s competition and to announce the final round team matchups for the following day of competition.

The evening features a number of distinguished and esteemed guests. Influential keynote speakers are from the upper echelon of Ontario’s legal and academic communities.

The daytime mooting competition rounds are free for spectators and observers, and the general public is welcome to attend the formal dinner by purchasing tickets. Ticket sales to our nonprofit dinner formal event help offset costs such as administration and food.

The event serves to be an invaluable opportunity for students to connect with mentors, industry leaders, and future colleagues. Furthermore, it helps us to thank everyone for their hard work and commitment to the success of the event.

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What to Expect

We anticipate the Board of Directors of Legal Aid Ontario, Ontario's judiciary, the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Paralegal Standing Committee and the 2013 and 2012 Distinguished Paralegal of the Year recipients. Additionally, we expect five Law Society of Upper Canada benchers, College executives, educational professors, administrators, and senior members of the licensed paralegal community.

The Paralegal Cup Competition Location and Parking Map

Address: Humber College - Lakeshore Campus, L Commons Building, 21 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Dr, Toronto, ON M8V 4B6 Phone: 416-675-3111 Email: CONTACT US

Humber College - Lakeshore Campus, L Commons Building

The Paralegal CupFormal Dinner Schedule

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Please note that all times are approximate and subject to change

Time Post-Competition Details
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Formal Dinner - L Building, L1000 (2nd Floor Cafeteria)

Formal Dinner Schedule

Please note that all times are approximate and subject to change

Guest Speaker, Marian LippaLSUC Bencher and member of the Paralegal Standing Committee
Guest Speaker, Michelle HaighLSUC Bencher and member of the Paralegal Standing Committee
Guest Speaker, Cathy CorsettiLSUC Bencher and member of the Paralegal Standing Committee
Formal Banquet ft. Keynote Speaker Mara Clarke, LLB of the Ontario Justice Education Network
Closing Address and Announcement of Finalists ft. Fallon Burns, Paralegal Cup Steering Committee

Paralegal Cup Formal Dinner Keynote

Paralegal Cup Intercollegiate Mooting Competition

We are proud to announce the

The Paralegal Cup 2013 Formal Dinner Keynote speaker, The Paralegal Cup

Mara Clarke, LLB

The Paralegal Cup Key Note Speaker Biography

Mara Clarke, LLB - 2013 Paralegal Cup Formal Dinner Keynote Speaker
Mara Clarke

Quick Facts:

  • Director of Outreach/Strategic Initiatives at OJEN
  • LLB, Osgoode Hall Law School

Mara Clarke is currently the Director of Otreach and Strategic Initiatives with the Ontario Justice Education Network, a non profit, non governmental organization founded by Ontario’s 3 Chief Justices in 2002. A former executive member of the Black Law Students Association of Canada, Mara has experience in youth outreach, program management and justice programming for equity-seeking groups.

About Mara

Prior to attending Osgoode Hall Law School, Mara graduated magna cum laude from York University.
During law school, Mara interned with the Corporate Counsel at Grace Kennedy Limited in Kingston, Jamaica where she was introduced to corporate social responsibility and securities law. While summering, Mara was seconded to First Global Bank in Jamaica where she continued building on her interest in securities law.

After graduating Osgoode Hall Law School in 2007, Mara articled with a full service law firm in Toronto with a focus on corporate – specifically securities. When the opportunity arose, Mara joined OJEN in 2009 to pursue an interest that had always been her passion – justice education focused at youth.

The Paralegal Cup 2013 Formal Dinner Special Guest Speakers The Paralegal Cup

The Paralegal Cup Marian Lippa Biography

Marian Lippa - 2013 Paralegal Cup Formal Dinner Special Guest Speaker
Marian Lippa

Quick Facts:

Ms. Lippa is a licensed paralegal, and has been practicing since 1998. She has worked in the legal field for twenty years in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. She has been a Licensed Paralegal since 2008. In September 2011, she was hired as a Paralegal for the Federal Crown Attorney in Newmarket, Ontario.

She began working in the legal field as a legal assistant when I was approximately nineteen years old. I first worked as an assistant in criminal practices in Toronto. Throughout her career in the field, she has been very dedicated to providing services and representing clients Further, she is committed improving access to justice by offering her services at a cost-effective rate, and often works for clients pro-bono. Her work as a Paralegal is more than a way of making money, it is a passion.
She has worked in criminal law practices, as well as real estate litigation and corporate law offices. She was a senior law clerk at a number Of medium and large sized firms in Toronto through her career, including Bassel, Sullivan LLP and Gropper, Greenword LLP. She also worked for Toronto leading criminal lawyer, Marshall Sack Q.C.

Ms. Lippa has been most recently known for her certiorari application before the Ontario Superior Court, challenging a Newmarket, Ontario., justice of the peace’s order banning paralegals from sitting past the bar, a decision she says “has diminished the view of paralegals as a profession before the courts.”
“Although it may be personally insulting to paralegals to be treated this way, especially those who have been appearing before the courts for years, it is the public effect of the order that is more significant. Members of the public who are before the courts may feel that somehow their interests are not being protected as well as or with the same diligence as counsel when they appear with a paralegal.”

The Paralegal Cup Michelle Haigh Biography

Michelle Haigh - 2014 Paralegal Cup Formal Dinner Special Guest Speaker
Michelle Haigh

Quick Facts:

Michelle Haigh is an honours graduate from the Sheridan College Paralegal Studies program, which she completed in the spring of 1996. While in her final year, she founded her own company, Precision Paralegal Services. Until joining Anderson Sinclair LLP, in early 2011, Michelle Haigh successfully represented Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Law Firms and Collection Agencies in the Small Claims Court arena. Ms. Haigh specializes in debtor/creditor law and developed entrepreneurial skills early in her career, which contributed to her success.

In 2006, Ms. Haigh was one of five paralegals appointed by the Attorney General of Ontario to be a member of the Paralegal Standing Committee at the Law Society of Upper Canada. Ms. Haigh played an integral role in developing the licencing criteria and process for paralegals, and in the development of bi-laws and the professional code of conduct to be followed by this newly licenced profession. In 2010, Ms. Haigh was elected to this position by her peers in the first paralegal election held by the Law Society of Upper Canada and continues to serve on this committee today. Once elected by her peers to sit on this committee, the committee elected Ms. Haigh as the first elected Paralegal Bencher at the Law Society of Upper Canada. The Treasurer has since appointed Ms. Haigh to sit on six other committees, which develop policy governing the legal profession as a whole.

The Paralegal Cup Cathy Corsetti Biography

Cathy Corsetti - 2014 Paralegal Cup Formal Dinner Special Guest Speaker
Cathy Corsetti

Quick Facts:

Mrs. Corsetti is the current Chairperson of the Paralegal Standing Committee at the Law Society of Upper Canada and president and co-founder of Corsetti Paralegal Professional Corporation and Associates. Since 1982, she has been providing paralegal services at the Landlord and Tenant Board and Small Claims Court. Prior to starting her company she worked as a law clerk, and brings 33 years of experience that has honed her advocacy, argument and negotiation skills. She wishes to use those skills to represent all paralegals in every area of practice and to help make this a profession one that we can all be proud of.

Recently she was appointed to the Law Society, as a temporary paralegal adjudicator and was part of a panel that adjudicates good character hearings for paralegals. While she believes it is critical to protect the public from misconduct, she also believe those paralegals that are truly deserving of licensing with the Law Society ought to be given that opportunity.

She is a member of the Licensed Paralegal Association (LPA), formerly the (IAC) and the Paralegal Society of Ontario (PSO). Along with some of her colleagues she was co-founder of Independent Paralegals at Court (IPAC) which met monthly during regulation to discuss concerns with regulation. On numerous occasions she met with the Law Society with respect to policy suggestions, which resulted in the "Paralegal Updates” that was implemented by the Law Society as a result of their meetings.

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Since the beginning of the Paralegal Cup in 2013, the paralegal community has shown overwhelming support for the event’s continued success. The Cup is truly an event that brings together the entire paralegal community, students, and professionals alike.

Community Partner Program participants are important supporters of the mission and goals of the Paralegal Cup. Contributions help support and offset the administrative costs of putting on a large-scale event.

Involvement as a Paralegal Cup Community Partner is an incredible opportunity to support experiential higher education through student participation. Moreover, participation in the program speaks to the desire to give back to the community and enhance the competition’s success.

It is through the support of our Community Partner Program participants that the Paralegal Cup Moot is able to bring this academic event to paralegal students across the province.

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